Pet Urine Treatment

Pet Urine Treatment (P.U.R.T.)

Liquid PURT is a two part oduor destroying oxidizer that is unmatched in the cleaning industry. Liquid PURT is specifically designed to handle the most difficult pet odours Liquid PURT can also be used to treat a wide array of other offensive odours. If your lovable pets have had little mishaps,Call Quick Dry Chem-Dry for Carpet, Upholstery and PURT treatment. Service is our pleasure


Improve your changes of removal by following these simple procedures while waiting for Chem-Dry technician to arrive:

Spills and Stains

  • Take action immediately before the stain spreads.
  • With a blunt edge instrument, gently move the stain back towards the centre to avoid spreading
  • Blot up the staining material with a clean towel, do not rub or agitate
  • Use warm water to dampen towel and continue to blot stain
  • Keep the stain moist by placing a damp cloth over the area until help arrives
  • Cover enamel paint with plastic wrap to prevent it from drying 


  • Lift or roll up the carpet
  • Rub the stain – blot only
  • Try to dry the area using a heater
  • Use solvents, household detergents / soaps / turpentine etc